3 thoughts on “Marcus on Today Show

  1. Marcus- you epitomize what makes our great nation so beautiful. You are an elite, battle tested warrior and you have the capacity to be compassionate and have a tender heart toward animals. You are a good soul Marcus. The positive impact you have had on countless people is imeasurable. I say with great pride that you inspire me. Well done Marcus.
    Semper Fidelis
    James McNay
    USMC/military police

  2. Just finished reading your memoir Mr. Luttrell. Thank you, Sir, thank you. Ill never forget the words you wrote and speak of in this book. Truly inspirational.

  3. My husband Suresh and I just saw the movie. We want to say ‘Thank You’ for the sacrifices you all make on behalf of us. You and your friends have suffered, and continue to suffer and work for the ultimate cause of peace and humanity. God bless you and your family. It takes a special person to do what you have done. The Lord chose you for this purpose and you served well.
    – Gratitude and Respect
    – Iyengars

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