Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell recalls the 2005 battle in Afghanistan he alone survived — a fire fight that at the time, resulted in the largest loss of life for Naval Special Warfare since WWII. Anderson Cooper reports.

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  1. I am a former Chief Hospital Corpsman from the Viet Nam era. I was never a SEAL, but I do know something about the courage it takes to be one. I congratulate Marcus not just for his survival in an impossible situation, but on his continued battle with the wounds we can see and the ones we cannot. One of these days I’d like to shake your hand. One corpsman to another.

    1. I have worked with several military veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan in my practice as a psychologist in Massachusetts. A member of my family has served two tours in Afghanistan.
      My heart breaks seeing what you went through and hearing what others in our military have endured. We will never meet, you and I, but I wish we could. Your service fir our country in 2005 and now is so appreciated.
      I wish you and the family members of brothers you lost the very best. Yours is a debt that can’t be repaid. For me and members of my family, please accept our gratitude.
      Roger Davies

    2. I retired a Chief Hospital Corpsman and I served with the 3rd Marines in Vietnam. I have the upmost respect for the Seals and the Marines. Once a FMF Corpsman always a FMF Corpsman. It would be an honor to meet you Doc.

  2. I read your book in 07 when it came out i was 14-15 years old at the time. without going into much detail i wanna let you know Marcus Luttrell you inspire the hell out of me. i will def be buying a copy and checking out the movie.. i think ive watched abouy every video there is of you online. cant get enough. i feel like we are blood yet ive never seen you before. God bless

  3. I am a former Navy Submariner also a seven generation Texas native that joined the military on the DAY, September 11, 2001, because of what happened that day to my fellow Americans. I enlisted to be a Navy Seal because I was an angry American that wanted to pay those mother F—ers back. I however didn’t even make it into buds the swim killed me I sank like a rock, too much muscle not enough technique I guess. Anyways, after reading about how Marcus and his brother who were both I believe 6’5 250 lb Navy Seals(I believe Mark Wahlberg is like 5’8 180, great actor though) I really had no excuses I just suck at swimming. Marcus your an awesome dude and after I read your book Lone Survivor 5 years ago I was forever changed in my heart and in my mind. I told everyone about this book and how they should read it, I even let a few people borrow my copy so they could read it. This book had such an impact on me that while I was at the Art Institute in one my classes we had to recreate the cover of our favorite book and I did an awesome recreation of the Lone Survivor book cover, everyone in the class was touched by it and the teacher even had it framed. My wife always ask me if I could meet any movie star who would it be and now that you are in a movie I can say you. (just kidding bro) I wanted to meet you even before I saw the movie just to shake your hand and say thank you for your sacrifice to your country and fellow Americans. One of the most awesome parts of your book was the candle light vigil that was held on you land down in Houston when your were MIA for 3 days straight. I am a very prideful person but that story of you guys teared me up while I was reading it and then again when I watched the movie. I am sorry for your loss that day and forever thankful to y’all for your sacrifice and kind of envious because you got to take out some of those a–holes. Oh and at the part of the movie where the choppers came in to save you (Mark Wahlberg) and the choppers started taking out the taliban I was the only person in the theater that started clapping real loud and cheering, in my whole life I have never done that in the movie theater and it was at the night before it opened premier so, it was packed (lol).

    awesome movie, it was cool to see you in it and it was cool that you didn’t let them

  4. Wife and I just saw the movie tonight here in SC. All three theatres were sold out. We were moved to tears with both sorrow and with pride. You are loved and appreciated by 1000’s of us. You and your brothers will be remembered.
    God bless you with peace my friend.

    William & Dee Hollaway

  5. I am a former soldier from the U.S. Army. As most of us know it takes not only physical strength and endurance but you need a strong mind. The movie ‘Lone Survivor’ gives us civilians at home a glimpse of what happened. The MEN who lived it would tell you they would do it again if they were asked to. They were fully prepared mentally to fight that fight. They were Navy SEALS. Marcus Luttrel’s brothers died for each other, their families, and their country. I only wish to be half the man they all are. I thank all fallen soldiers for the freedom and good OUR country represents. To the families of Michael P. Murphy, Danny Dietz, and Matthew Axelson I am sorry for your loss and I Thank you for allowing Your Sons, Husbands, Brothers, and your Dad to be the MEN they are. I say the same for the other lives lost in that operation. To Marcus Luttrell, there is no shame in coming off that mountain alive. Your Brothers needed you to survive to tell their story. You my friend are not a coward and will never be. Thank You!

  6. I was just wondering what is Marcus Luttrell wearing around his neck. Because I want to become a navy seal but for right now I want to were something around my neck that resembles the navy seals if you could help me I would be great full. And a message to Marcus, that I would like to meet him one day. and I think that could be possible because I also live in Texas (Killeen, Texas) please email me at Thanks

  7. Marcus, I’ve just begun reading your book and will see the movie. I’m the widow of a Navy Vet…he was serving during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I have 2 nephews serving, one a Army lifer and the other a Navy lifer. I have always been a strong supporter of the guys & gals who allow the rest of us to sleep peaceful at night, and protect this country and way of life.

    I just finished reading the chapter where you describe your ROE and how our military can & have been charged with “murder” against these people who would kill each and everyone of us if given half a chance.

    I’m writing to let you know many of us here at home have your backs. In 2005 Eason Jordan, VP CNN called our military murderers during the annual Davos Economic Conference. It just happened to be the early days of bloggers and more importantly Mil bloggers.

    When this comment became public a group of bloggers, primarily Mil bloggers got together to DEMAND an apology. Apparently Mr. Jordan had made this accusation 2 other times.

    The bloggers raised awareness and in less than a week Mr. Jordan resigned. I’m proud to say I played a very small role.

    I support you all with prayers and actions (shipping care packages to deployed military I don’t know). Supporting families who’ve given the ultimate sacrifice.

    THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUVE DONE and continue to do by speaking out. May God Bless you and all who serve to protect this great country.

    Patriot Grandma

  8. I would like to say Thank You for all you and other military do for our country. Day in and day out, all of you sacrifice your lives, so that we can be free. You lose time with your own families and sacrifice so much!! Thank you for all you do!!! Tricia McCaffety

  9. I saw Lone Survivor just last night, I was in tears as I was watching. The story of these men, these brothers is so overwhelmingly powerful. To Marcus, Michael, Matthew and Danny, thank you for your service. Marcus, thank you for sharing your story. Truly, thank you.

  10. I’m sure you heard this many times but I would just like to say thank you for all you and your band of brothers have done for this country. My father served in the vietnam war as my grandfather serviced in the world war II. I see how the war has taken it’s toll on them and I just hope you find peace. Thank you again.

  11. I have read both books, Lone Survivor and Service. My heart pounded through both books and I ran through every emotion while reading. Marcus you have a way of putting emotion to words on paper that make you feel as you were right there seeing it. Thank you for your service, you and ALL your brothers. My friends and I talk about the books often and one asked how I felt after I read it, I could only feel like a child with a new group of Super Heroes.

  12. Good fighting, good band of brother’s, good teamwork, good survivor, good true story and excellent honors. (Don’t leave the fighting !)

    Best regards
    Buyung Adi Sasono

  13. I saw and read lone survivor and it made me feel even more honored to be a USA citizen. The courage, duty, and respect you and your fellow seals have compares to no other. I know I could never do what you guys did. I believe there is a special place in Heaven where your seal team is. It would be an honor to just shake your hand and thank you for your service to our Great Country. God bless you and all the USA armed forces.

  14. I am very grateful for the service of men like you. I was in the Navy in the 1970’s but service as a BUD/SEAL member is in the upper echelon of service. This country under values the service of men like you. Again, thank YOU.

  15. seen movie today, tears was in my eye, hats of marcus .

    all other soldiers were brave and superheroes……

    very rare to find people like mohammad.

    thanks universal for making this movie.


  16. I don,t even now how to thank you enough for all you do its amazing. You go through hell to become seal just to go to a higher level of hell to fight for our country. Its incredible to now theres great and brave men like you and you brothers who past on ought there to make sure we’ve got a safe place to live. And it sicken me about msnbc and what all the liberals and liberal media out there do to you for protecting them.

  17. Marcus
    Some of the Troops came by–and saw your Picture on the wall with your arm around my shoulder. Ask me how much I had to pay you LOL–TEAM Guys are all bullies LOL.
    Your looking good Bro– Keep up the good work— Your Wingman— SEAL museum

  18. I just finished reading lone survivor. I am a proud native American indian and love this country. Everyday I pray for the safety of our troops and thank the good Lord for the brave and patriotic service members of our military.
    THANK YOU Marcuss Luttrell for your love of this country and defending it.
    THANK YOU for this book.
    THANK YOU for giving remembrance of the GREAT men who fought and died in the mission Operation Red Wings.

  19. Today I finished listening to the unabridged audio book “Lone Survivor”. My brother gave it to me commenting that it was one of the top five books he had ever “read”. It moved me to tears on more than one occasion as I listened to it in my car while traveling to south Florida. My first assignment as an enlisted guy was in a six man long range recon patrol in a Airborne Ranger company (B/75th) at Fort Lewis, WA in 1974 (post Vietnam). The unit was deactivated in October 1974 to form the nucleus of the newly reactivated 2d Ranger Battalion.
    Marcus, may you have a long and prosperous life filled with happiness. You have earned it. You and your fellow SEALs, especially those lost that day during the Battle of Murphy Ridge, will always be my heroes and I will be forever grateful for what you and your brother SEALs did that fateful day and continue to do ever day for this country.

  20. First,Without word’s that could do any justice. I thank Marcus for his service and sacrifices. My father was a Marine, one of my grandfather’s was a firefighter, and the other a Pennsylvania state trooper. My dream was to fly fighter pilots, was denied due to my vision. I was born in 1966 I have three beautiful children. Marcusc Lutrells words at the end of lone survivor gave my heart peace and will in my own life struggles. My love goes out to him and his family.

  21. I just finished Service and enjoyed the first half of the book. As a graduate of BUD’S class 46 I know where you’re coming from. At the end of the book, you have listed KIA’s since 1943 and I noticed one name missing.
    Robert Leroy Worthington – HMC

    I would like to know if you got your information from the Museum or the Association, so that error can be rectified. There have been books written about the ‘Death of the 43’ as well as a movie a few years ago. I was on a reality show with someone you may have known in the Teams. His name is CWO4(ret) Pat Broderick. The two of us went to Alaska on a reality show called Discovery No Opportunity Wasted and talked about that incident, since we were both present when the PCF was sunk out from under us.

    You can find more information about Chief Worthington at
    Thanks for your accurate information on the Teams.
    Randy Piper WC46

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