Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, author of the #1 bestseller Lone Survivor, tells his own extraordinary war stories—and those of others who have chosen to serve.

Service Autographed Copy 

In October 2006, after miraculously returning from his star-crossed mission in Afghanistan, Marcus Luttrell went back to war. in six months of high- intensity urban fighting in the most dangerous city in the world, Ramadi, iraq, he was part of one of the greatest victories in the history of the SEAL teams.

Returning home and leaving military life, Luttrell began a quest to understand how and why
a rare few choose to risk their lives to serve their country. Drawing on the experiences of warriors of all generations and service branches, exploring their amazing stories, Luttrell has produced a profoundly moving testament to American courage and sacrifice. SERVICE is both a war story for the ages and a heartfelt tribute to all who have served.

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